June 12, 2024

Dating is an important activity in a man’s or woman’s life – it is an activity to meet a person of opposite sex, be it for love, romance, and long term relationship. Apart from procreation the union of men and women is a natural process wherein personal life, social life, and community life becomes meaningful.Dating among adults cannot be always for love or romance – it can be there for sex too. Sex is natural to humans who are in totality sexual beings. Whether you are in for sex dating or dating for romance, there some simply etiquette involved which although is common sense but then men forget, and women too can be bad examples.First, if you are seeking some one through online dating sites – which have become the norm for finding soul mates or sex partner today – be polite when messaging or interacting on chat or web cams. You may not like the person or may not be willing to date him for one reason or other. Be polite in your refusal and do come up with a sensible excuse for not continuing the interaction further.If you decide to meet someone then reach on time. On the other hand, if you are not able to keep the appointment then inform in time and ask for a new date.On your first meeting, your date may be jittery or nervous. Do not be flashy or arrogant. It really helps if you start with a light conversation and get to know each other well.Always ask where he or she would like to spend the evening with you, this helps, as your date may be more comfortable in a place of his or her choice.Have a friendly approach, and please do not look in the breasts, as it is rude to make sexual advance without your partners consent. An eye contact or a light kiss is always better way to start. Any way it is not advisable to go for sex until unless you know your partner well.Again do not brag and please do not smoke or drink copiously. Do not smoke in restaurants or public places it will only show how crass you are. Rather smoke and drink only with the consent of your partner or if both like to do so.Never brag about your past escapades your date has not come to listen to all that. Rather be witty and informative in you conversation to make the evening interesting for your partner.Do not show off your money or anything flashy, as it does not help. Your date has come around to know you as a person and not what you have. As a man, you will only end up as making her feel like a cheap whore.Create conversation on subject you both are knowledgeable about, a one sided conversation means that you may not see her or him again. The whole idea is make the date enjoyable and fun. Moreover, giving your partner the joy of having somebody new and interesting entering one’s life. That is what one is dating for in the first place. Right!