April 14, 2024

The music has different meaning for different people of the society. Some people start dancing while listening to the beats of music and some feel relaxed and tension free after listening to music. With the addition of music feature in the mobile phones, it can be said that phones have really brought some diverse colours in our life which are full of impulse, zest and emotions. Moreover, as far as popularity and acceptance of music oriented phones is concerned, they have been welcomed by the mobile phone users after their introduction. On the music focused handset, the users enjoy the real feel of iPod or music player. As a matter of fact, on these handsets, the users can change the track as per their mood swings and realise the fact that world is beautiful and full of music.The top-notch mobile manufacturers have come up with an exclusive range of music phones which boast of advance music features. On these exclusive series, the users can enjoy music without any restriction which is considered as the right definition for music-oriented phones. The Nokia Xpress music phones for instance, is a well known series of music phones from the lineage of Nokia. The users can enjoy listening to music with the help of integrated advanced music player and FM radio.With the launch of Xpress music phones, the sector of people who are on-the-move has got an added boost. The series of music phones has been beautifully designed keeping music lovers in the mind. The mobile handsets under this series support various features such as digital equaliser, MegaBass, TrackID, MusicDJ, SenseMe and playlists. The advanced features allow the users to go creative with the music. Initially, the music focused phones were solely targeted on youth, but with the passage of time, they have become tremendously famous among other age groups.The attractive music focused range of mobile phones is empowered with a music player complete with simple to use and easy to access keys. On these widgets, the users can play and download their favourite music files in different popular formats such as MP3, MIDI, AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+ and WMA. Moreover, the users can enjoy listening to favourite music, tunes or melodies over the phones speaker system or simply by plugging-in the headset for private listening experience. With the dedicated music keys in the Xpress music phones, the users can control the music easily. Almost all the handsets in the music phone range comes with a built-in FM radio. The FM radio allows the users to select their favourite music and radio talk shows.Importantly, with the advanced music features, this series of Nokia promises other advanced features in the phones such as camera, messaging services, games, large talktime and fast connectivity options. Some of the well known names under this series include Nokia 5220, Nokia 5310, Nokia 5300 and Nokia 5610.The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic for instance is a compact and versatile music phone. An incredible stylish phone is a member of the XpressMusic family which boasts of easy to access music player. The player supports some of the best music formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA. Moreover, the users can access and control the music features easily using the three dedicated music buttons which are situated on the side of the high coloured screen. The high quality music features include album art, music playlists as well as an equaliser. This phone keeps its music loving user entertained up to 18 hours of music playback time. Moreover, the users can save 3000 tracks on this handset.The Nokia 5610 XpressMusic phone is a super stylish music phone with amazing music features to impress its users. An integrated music player can be played in popular formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA. The users can enjoy music, news and sports on the radio feature which allows the user to gain information as well as listening to their favourite radio station.To conclude, it can be said that the wide-spreading popularity of music phones have given the positive feedback to all the leading mobile manufacturers.