April 15, 2024

With the inception of the Internet, the online adult websites are minting huge money and have proved to be a great venture for their owners. The adult website owners have been actively able to generate plenty of dollars every month only from adult content, images, videos, blogging and so forth. However, as they say, when there is popularity, there are certain loopholes as well. Hosting of adult websites also require the website owners as well as adult web hosts to abide with the legalities involved therein.Basically, the adult web hosting laws differ from country to country and state to state within one country. Due to its globally-wide demand, it becomes difficult for the web hosts and the web owners to adhere to all the different laws in different locations. Some of the essentials though include not having any content on your website showing child pornography and only using a model on your website who is of legal age of 18 years and above.You must also have the documents ready to prove the legality of their age, and if any model is unable to submit such documents, you are not authorised to have their sexually explicit images on your website. There should be a warning page on your adult website to be the first thing the visitors to see, mentioning that your website is an adult website, not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. It is further advised that your website supports some sort of Age Verification System. Never show scenes related to rape, incest and bestiality on your websites. If possible, also have some non-adult related content on your website, to make your website have some degree of cultural and literary value.Having a dedicated server to cater to the varied requirements of your adult website is advisable. Not just dedicated servers offer you the security of your data and web content, but also provide the website owners with extra bandwidth, as may be required to upload a number of jpeg files and large-sized videos. Some of the known web hosting companies that accept adult content include HostGator, WebHostingPad and ThePlanet. The HostGator offers adult web hosting plans in the US starting from 4.95 dollars to 374 dollars per month. They also provide cPanel control panel and support for PHP, Perl, CGI and MySQL databases.WebHostingPad offers affordable website hosting for as low as 1.99 dollars per month. It also allows adult web content to be hosted on their Linux Web Servers, with support for scripting languages like PHP, Perl, CGI and Ruby on Rails. ThePlanet offers dedicated servers for adult content websites starting from 60 dollars per month, whilst offering more power and flexibility comparatively. It also offers a variety of dedicated hosting products ranging from cheap dedicated servers to fully managed servers so that you can choose your server as per your specifications and your budget.