April 14, 2024

Ever since satellite television’s explosion in the early 1990’s, there has always been a segment of their customer base that has had a demand for adult programming. This was due to the fact that in the past, Adult TV choices on cable television were restricted to one or two channels and lacked variety. With satellite television’s ability to broadcast thousands and thousands of channels, there was an instant market available for not only the suppliers but also the consumers of adult programming.Adult satellite television programming generally is divided into two different types. There is pay-per-view and the monthly subscription programming. The pay-per-view option gives viewers the option to purchase blocks of programming that vary from $4.99 upwards. This gives the viewer a specific amount of time to view the adult programming purchased. This is one of the more popular choices as this is widely available in hotel rooms or for people who on the spur of the moment needs adult TV to spice up the evening. The monthly subscription gives the user unrestricted access to programming of his choice all for a monthly subscription fee.As discussed above the popularity of adult programming on satellite television was partly attributed to the amount of adult channels available and the variety that they offered. This proved to be a great selling point for adult programming on satellite TV as people were now faced with a choice. Viewers who liked a specific type of adult programming could now view this without being held to the small choice offered by cable television. With different genres available it allowed adults to basically become kids in the candy shop. They could feast on the many different choices that were available now, something that did not exist to this extent in the past.Directv and Dish Network both the leading satellite television companies in America, offer a combination of both the pay-per-view and monthly subscription choices. The two companies offer the popular choices of channels such as Playboy, Spice, Ten and Tenxtsy to name a few. The money earned from these kinds of satellite TV programming is major source of revenue for the two companies. Some estimates have it that DirecTV makes around $500 million off adult programming alone. That is quite a hefty sum and that’s why adult programming is seen as being so important to not only the viewer but also the provider.The advent of adult programming availability for satellite television proved to be a match made in heaven. It allowed adults with a discerning taste to have another option to receive their movies. Gone were the days where they had to go into back door stores and rent videos, or have to deal with cable TV’s paltry choice. They were now able to explore that world of adult programming by choosing from a wide range of choices being offered. Adult pay per view gave them the option to get adult programming when they wanted at anytime. It also empowered others to have monthly subscriptions and get their programming choice twenty four hours a day.